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Pharmacy Automation Systems

NHS Trusts are increasingly seeking to optimise medicine management processes to reduce the cost of administering medicines in hospitals and reduce error rates, while at the same time increasing the time available to clinical staff for patient care.

One way this can be achieved is through a mix of automation, robotics, software, re-engineered logistics and medicine flows, together with computer-assisted and automated medicine dispensing.

Stephanie Rose at Pharmacy Automation Event
Stephanie Rose at Pharmacy Automation Event

The Hub is at the forefront of this market and organised the NHS’s first stakeholder event of its kind whereby industry suppliers and NHS staff met together to agree procurement strategies and discuss how suppliers could collaborate to meet the needs of NHS customers.  This agenda has been heavily driven by the Lord Carter recommendations to work towards increasing efficiencies within Trusts and automation has the potential to play a key part.

Over 100 stakeholders including Chief Pharmacists and other senior NHS pharmacy staff from all over our region and other areas as far afield as Dorset and the Midlands attended the event, which took place at Newmarket Racecourse on 4th April 2017.

The feedback was universally positive and a new stakeholder group has arisen out of the event which will assist the Hub in developing strategies to maximise the potential for this market through procurement.

For more information, please contact: stephanie.rose@eoecph.nhs.uk