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Hub to Host NHS Cyber Security Seminar
12 September 2016

Securing the NHS – working with Trusts to maximise security architecture

Venue: Victoria House, Fulbourn, Cambridge

Date: 21st October 2016

Cyber security seminar led by Intel Security (McAfee) and Bytes Software Services.

Today more than ever, the goal of complete cyber security remains a moving target and the pace of cyber-attacks is increasing daily. A security breach could result in large financial penalties for data loss, as well as damage to the NHS reputation and other negative consequences, so it’s critical the right controls are put in place to help minimise the risk.

Led by NHS industry experts from Intel Security (McAfee) and Bytes Software Services (Platinum Partner of Intel Security), the Hub invites IT managers, senior finance and procurement staff to attend this exclusive training day, where the current NHS threat landscape will discussed along with how Intel Security and Bytes can help customers enhance their security and minimise threats from:

  • Cyber criminals seeking to extract financial reward through denial of service, ransomware, and good old-fashioned selling of information to 3rd parties.
  • Rogue employees or ex-employees committing data theft and/or sabotage for competitive advantage or malicious intent.
  • Unintentional loss of data or accidental damage to critical IT infrastructure.


  • Introduction 
  • Current & emerging NHS Cyber Threat Landscape  
  • Review of new National Data Guardian & CQC Recommendations
  • High level overview of Intel Security ‘Protect, Detect & Correct’ strategy
  • Threat Assessment discovery exercise
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Cyber Security procurement overview

Free Breach Security Assessment

In addition attendees whose organisations are current members of the East of England Collaborative Procurement Hub will also be eligible for a FREE Breach Security Assessment courtesy of Intel Security.

The seminar is free to NHS personnel. To register to attend, please click here. (Registrations from non-NHS staff will be removed.)