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Hub Savings Top £9m in FY 2015-16
09 May 2016

Hub customers saved £9.45m in the last financial year, which was 11% more than the previous year and well ahead of Forecast

Chief Executive, David John, said: “It has been another challenging year for the NHS and we have been able to support our customers with their savings targets. We have run several significant projects with our partners for Clinical Temporary Staffing, Orthopaedics and Cardiology, which will help to shape the market and drive benefit. We look forward to continuing to support our customers by generating value and providing a professional service.”

Successful projects last year included: Analysis and Reconciliation (£2.85m), Anti-viral drugs (Homecare) (£1.58m), Oral Chemotherapy drugs (Homecare) (£1.07m), Orthopaedics (£760k), Insulin Pumps (£563k), Mobiles (£382k), Clinical switches via the CPS team £326k, Commitment Discounts (£306k) and Cardiology (£279k – part year).

Account managers from the Hub are liaising with customers to produce a work and savings plan. Many of the above and other projects will continue into the next year and in addition, work is underway on Theatre Consumables, Surgical Stapling, Topical Negative Pressure, Ophthalmology, Surgical Sealing, Patient Temperature and Management, Drug and Disease Testing, Breast and Testicular Implants, Wheelchairs, Printed Stationery, Digital Dictation, Patient Communications and of course, Agency Staffing.

This breadth of subject should deliver savings to each category of organisation, but we remain open to further topic suggestions from our customers.