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Workshop on Stopping Anti-Competitive Activity Planned with Competition and Markets Authority
09 May 2016

The Hub's Pharmacy team is working with the Competition and Markets Authority to plan an event (repeated over two days) on 'Stopping Anti-Competitive Activity in Pharmaceutical and Clinical Purchasing’.

The event is designed to help purchasers spot and stop anti-competitive activity occurring in their supply chains and will be held in London on 5th July and repeated on 7th July. 

It will help attendees to:

  • Identify illegal, anti-competitive activities that could affect purchasers by sharing practical examples of what these look like and why they are harmful.
  • Know how to report them by showing what good reporting looks like, what the different reporting channels are and how to help the CMA take action.
  • Share purchasers’ experiences and insights to help the CMA’s intelligence.

 There will also be Spotlight sessions on rebates which will include:

  • Insight into the characteristics of rebates offered by dominant firms that could make them abusive, including their structure, the products involved and the prevailing market conditions.
  • How the CMA would typically analyse a rebate scheme, and the information that it would be likely to need to gather from the NHS to pursue an investigation.   

To book to attend the 5th July session, click here

To book to attend the 7th July session, click here

The sessions are aimed at Chief Pharmacists, Heads of Medicines Management and Heads of Procurement. Hub members have been given first refusal on registering for the event as numbers are very limited. 

For further information, please contact