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UK Healthcare Show 2017 - Procurement In Healthcare
27 September 2017 from 09:00 to 16:30 
UK Healthcare Show 2017 - Procurement In Healthcare
Location London
Venue Olympia

Procurement in Healthcare as part of the UK Health Show 2017

Place: Olympia London

Date: 27 September 2017

Visit us in the Procurement Hub Zone. To register, click here.

We are delighted to be supporting Procurement in Healthcare as part of the UK Health Show once again in 2017. We would love the chance to meet with you at the show, whether at our session on the Procurement in Healthcare Stage (Plenary) or at our stand in the Procurement Hub Zone. You can register to attend here. Please see details of our joint session with our fellow NHS procurement Hubs/ NHS Collaborative Procurement Partnership members.

Seminar Title: How is collaborative working in procurement driving savings and leveraging collective resource for the NHS?

This panel will bring the four hubs together to discuss:

  • To what extent has working to common principles significantly cut duplication and facilitated aggregation?
  • How has closer collaboration enacted real-time developments for trusts regarding their newfound access to a wider range of OJEU compliant frameworks?
  • What are the current high priority strategic spend areas and have they changed since the Partnership’s inception?
  • What role have the hubs had to date in helping Trusts achieve their model hospital benchmarks?
  • What does the future look like and how are leading partnerships planning to continue to translate their collective resources, skills and expertise into value for their members?


Cost Free to NHS delegates
Contact Melanie Nicholson
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